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SwimTopia Presents: Coach Holiday Gifts

After much anticipation, the holidays are finally here! Now that SwimTopia has investigated the best gifts for your favorite swimmer, you may be feeling more confident about your December shopping list. However, you may also be wondering how to cover all your holiday shopping bases. What do those hard-working “behind-the-scenes” artists, your kiddos’ coaches, want? 

Coaches are mainstays in your athletes’ day-to-day. They ensure your swimmer receives the most optimal mental and physical training. They have your athletes’ back through all the ups and downs of swim team. Coaches, too, deserve consideration at this time of year. Here at SwimTopia, we took it upon ourselves to ask local Austin coaches about their favorite past holiday gifts. Hopefully one of these clever ideas sparks some creativity and helps you determine the best gift for the coaches in your athlete’s world.

According to our poll, here are some of the ultimate winners:

  • CASH!” (always goes a long way and can be used for anything, whether it be a new stopwatch for Fast Friday practices or to purchase coffee before an early morning workout)
  • Handmade leather keychain” (a frequently seen reminder of your swimmer’s appreciation for everything their coach does)
  • Huge canvas filled with holiday pictures and snacks attached along the bottom with string” (heartfelt, handmade, and practical- a coach has gotta eat, right??)
  • Homemade sourdough loaf” (another thoughtful and handmade gift that can can be enjoyed for several days after the giving)
  • Wonder-woman mug” (coffee is a coach favorite and what better way to drink it than out of a fun mug?)
  • Gloves, scarves, beanies!” (for the outdoor coach- it gets pretty chilly during the winter and warm apparel is always appreciated!)

In conclusion, we hope this list sparked your interest or creativity! Ultimately, though, thought is the most important ingredient for any holiday gift. Whether your athlete is in the midst of heavy winter training or simply taking some time off, we at SwimTopia wish you, your swimmer, and your coaches the best this holiday season.