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YES! SwimTopia Integrates with HY-TEK Meet Manager

Switching swim team management systems can be scary. You’ve gotten used to your current system and you’re worried about learning something new. However, you may also be worried about losing precious historic data. Swim teams are built on tradition, results and, of course, data (a.k.a. time history). How are we to know if our swimmers are improving without those historic times? How could we commemorate our team’s rich past without our record books?

SwimTopia is proof that you can switch team management systems, keep historic data stored in HY-TEK Team and Meet Manager, and still use Meet Manager for your meets. You should be free to pick the best-suited team management solution, without feeling chained down by stored times and roster history. Read on to learn just how easily SwimTopia integrates with HY-TEK.

Import Your Team Roster/Team History

It’s a piece of cake to export both team roster and historic times out of Team Manager and right into SwimTopia! Our Customer Happiness team helps with this process and, once you run your first SwimTopia team registration, we link swimmer history with current swimmers’ data.

Use Event Files to Create New Meets

SwimTopia makes it simple to create meets by uploading EV3 files. Importing an event file outlines your entire meet, complete with events and participation. Meets can be created either with a meet file sent by a hosting team or by importing a historic results file. Either option is seamless, leaving it up to you which is easiest!

Experience Full Roundtrip Compatibility

Once entries are collected in SwimTopia, you can download a HY-TEK compatible events file. This file is then uploaded into Meet Manager for seeding and heat generation. Once your meet is complete and results finalized, you can pull results back into SwimTopia with a simple Meet Manager export. With results imported back into SwimTopia, all performance reports and times databases are updated.

Replace Team Manager with SwimTopia; Keep Meet Manager

SwimTopia was built to be an easier and more intuitive version of Team Manager. A replacement, so to speak. However, we make it easy to keep running meets the way you want! Though our own meet management product Meet Maestro is free with your SwimTopia account, we have made it easy to keep things running they way they have with HY-TEK Meet Manager. Your data is safe, if you have your Team Manager files! Choose the solution that is best for your team and parent volunteers!

Give SwimTopia a try today! Sign up for a free 2 week trial here– no card taken upfront!